September 25, 2022

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Current condition of English in Bangladesh: Second Language or Language

Mother tongue or even first language is probably the most favorite point for any person. The actual question of dialect has resulted in to many conflicts as well as discontentment. The prime sort of such discontentment may be the Language Movement associated with 1952 in Bangladesh. On the other hand we can not really live in isolation. We need to be in contact with the audio speakers of other different languages. Bangladesh is considered to be the monolingual country by which more than 98% from the population is loudspeakers of Bangla vocabulary. However , there are more compared to ten languages in that small country such as Bangladesh. Monipuri, Urdu, Chakma, Santali, Garo, Rakhain, Tipra- are just a few of the other languages found in Bangladesh.

The fascinating thing is that Urdu is a Indo-European terminology but written within Arabic script, Santali belongs to the Mono-Khemar words family while Chakma belongs to the Chinese-Barmese terms group. So , even though Bangladesh is often described as a country regarding linguistic unity depending on Bangla language in fact it has notable linguistic diversity. To contact the speakers involving other languages all of us either need to know their own language or connect in a Lingua-Franca which is comprehensible to both these styles us.

Today, the entire world has become a global town. Thanks to the development of communication program and technology. Each and every country is dependent upon others for industry and commerce, schooling, politics etc . Consequently, we have to constantly correspond with other countries and also speakers of some other languages. Third world nations like Bangladesh need to depend on foreign help because they are not self-sufficient. As a result, many and also the come to Bangladesh. Another factor is the element of religion. The holy language of the Muslims is Arabic, Sanskrit for Hindus, Pali for the Buddhists along with Latin for the Christian believers.

All these factors help remind us the necessity with regard to learning other language(s) in addition to our mom tongue. According to this particular reality many nations around the world of the world have followed a European language because second language which is frequently used in education, legislation court, economic actions and government functions. These languages possess most of the time official position in the constitution of these countries. Many of the instances the countries have got adopted the foreign language of their past colonial time rulers as the secondary language. Sometimes these dialects are also called recognized language. In many Africa countries we can see this specific picture. On the other hand, a few European languages have grown to be very important in the world regarding literary and financial purposes. For example , German born and French are thought to be important ‘languages’ of the world because each of them have important literature and economical aspects associated with all of them.

For example , many people within our country are interested to understand French because it might help them to get UNITED NATIONS jobs and job in Multinational companies. An additional attractive motivation intended for learning French inside Bangladesh is that it could help us to take a flight to Canada as ability in French expressions gives a person a little extra points in the stage system of Canadian immigration.

The title of the research is “Status connected with English in Bangladesh: Second language or language? ” I have chosen this topic simply because from sociolinguistic viewpoint the status with English is a very exciting one. On the one hand British language is prevailing present in every part of our national living while on the other submit our constitution it really is clearly declared that this language of the nation is Bangla. Actually nothing is said concerning the status of The english language language in our metabolism. On one hand, economic routines in the private businesses are carried out in English language while there is a federal government law (Bangla procholon ain1987) that authorities offices must utilize Bangla in their established works. So through the government point of view Bangla is the national- public language of Bangladesh and English is among the most important foreign language. However in reality English will be the second language of the region and in many locations English is more essential than Bangla throughout Bangladesh.

From the discussion up to now there is no doubt that English is a second language of Bangladesh but this the truth is not reflected in your constitution. Officially Bangladesh is not known as a good ESL country towards the outside world. Therefore Bangladesh should be announced as an ESL state by the government with no delay. We understand English not due to the fact we like William shakespeare or Dickens. All of us learn English via out of every day requirement. If Bangladesh is certainly declared as an ESL country and British language is given an assured status in the cosmetics then it will not merely reflect the reality but additionally it will help us worldwide. Now Bangladesh is normally desperately trying to bring in foreign investors. Prior to any company comes to Bangladesh for exploring the investment decision opportunities one of the crucial areas they would search for is the availability of swimming pool of English teachers and they also expect which the normal workers may have basic understanding of The english language language. If we turn out to be an ESL land then these unusual companies while looking about Bangladesh can get assured about the powerful presence of English language language in this united states.

The same picture can there be about educational market. Many Bangladeshi learners want to go to created countries like UNITED STATES, UK, Canada, in addition to Australia for advanced schooling. If Bangladesh is actually declared as an ESL country then these kinds of students will be acquired because then the Colleges of those countries could possibly get the idea that English provides special significance around Bangladesh.

So I suggest to the government connected with Bangladesh that Uk should be declared for the reason that second language of the place by amending the particular constitution.


Bangladesh is the only countryside in the world whose folks sacrificed their life for the language. Today the historical vocabulary movement of 1952 is acknowledged globally as the International Mom Language Day. It truly is true that our individuals are emotional about their terminology, Bangla. However , its equally true this description now our people have come to be desperate about obtaining skilled in Everyday terms language. As a result, advantages than fifty personalized universities now on Bangladesh. If To the north South Offered BBA and Computer Technology courses in Bangla medium then they may not get even 10% of the number of individuals they have now. It is currently good time that people finish the great conundrum about the language concern and declare Bangladesh as an ESL nation for our own advantage.